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a robot isn't supposed to care (arriving soon)

"a new architecture is born beyond our attention, without any symptoms of humanism....there is no reason to articulate anything. There is no entrance, there are no users.... robots don't need beige. There is no tradition." From 'TRIC: Post-human Architecture'

This is a new series of work that has arisen from an interest in new countryside spaces being developed world wide. Today, architecturally 'the countryside is largely off (our) radar, an ignored realm', and considering its condition and future will shape the century ahead. I am interested in the new architecture that is appearing in the spaces between cities. With architecture saturated by urban interests, this inversion of attention is designed to shed a light on the new mega complex constructions being built to service the worlds urban populations.


Using found photographs and software algorithms, these new digital representations of warehouse spaces for hire in the countryside, allude to ideas of data driven design, large scale machine orientated functionality, repetitive building processes and the homogenous nature of the architecture itself - for industries such as mega scale agriculture, data storage and ecommerce logistics.


The title is from a comment 'below the line' from an online newspaper article about the lack of human and employee focused design with in new mega warehouse complexes.


These photographs make up one part of this project that I will be working on over the coming year.

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